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Faculty Induction Programme


A Faculty induction programme was organized on Aug 11th. All the members of the teaching Fraternity who have joined our Institution after June 2010 attended the programme. The HODs made suitable arrangements to facilitate participants attend the programme the entire Day. The programme started with Orientation given by Dr. M. Radhakrishnan, Principal, SEC at 9.30 am and he continued the first session with the topic of "Excelling in Engineering Teaching". He expressed his views with the concept of teaching profession as the noble profession.

After the tea break, the second session started with the topic "Conducting yourself in Class rooms" by Mr. G.Alex Rajesh, Assistant Professor of MBA Dept,SEC at 11.30 am. He talked about the Body language of the teachers and also gave some guidelines to understand of the students behavior in the class.

After the lunch break, the third session stared at 13.30 with the topic "Effective Technical Teaching & Lesson Plan Preparation and Delivery" given by Dr. M. Prabakaran, Professor, Mechanical Engg., SEC. He also spoke about the students' intelligent ideas in writing the wrong answers in the examination papers and showed some interesting exam papers in LCD and asked the teachers to be aware of such students.

The fourth session started at 14.45 by Dr. K. Renganathan, Director, MBA. He educated the new teachers with his interesting topic "Taxonomy of Teaching & Learning". He also showed some useful quotations related to the field of education with slide show.

At 15.45, the participants gave their written feedback on the induction programme and some of the comments were read by the Principal and who accepted some ideas from the staff. The programme ended with the valedictory address by the Principal.