Heat and Mass Transfer


A one week FDTP on ‘Heat and Mass Transfer’ was held at Sudharsan Engineering College, Sathiyamangalam, Pudukkottai from 3rd December ‘12 to 10th December ’12. The training program funded by Centre for Faculty Development, Anna University, Chennai was organized by Dr.R.Palanichamy and Dr.M.Prabhakar, Professor & HoD / Mechanical Engineering and Professor & Dean / Academic, respectively.

In spite of both organizers/ resource people having over a decade of sound knowledge relevant to Heat and Mass Transfer, a couple of sessions were handled by external experts Dr.Suresh, Asst. Professor / Mechanical Engineering, National Institute of Technology, Trichy and Dr. Chandra Shekar, Asst. Professor / Mechanical Engineering, Anna University, BITS Campus, Trichy. The noteworthy part of the training programme was working out solutions to previous year question papers collected over a decade. The participants also enjoyed and benefitted from the spectacular examples and relevant applications of the topics covered beyond approach (presented as slides) to problem solving. The participants gained immense knowledge towards understanding of the subject rather than mere skilful approach to problem solving.

Sessions on Conduction and Mass transfer were handled by Dr.R.Palanichamy. Dr. Prabhakar imparted topics pertaining to Convection and Radiation. Lectures on Heat Exchangers were conducted by Dr.Suresh. Dr. Chandra Shekar explained concepts and worked out problems on Boiling and Condensation.

Participants from neighboring colleges in the region and participants from the host college were benefitted from the training program, as the topic being one of the core subjects pertaining to Mechanical Engineering discipline, which is evident from the feedback received.