Approved by AICTE and Affiliated to Anna University, Chennai

Laboratory Details Electrical & Electronics Engineering


The Department Has Six Well-Equipped Laboratories

  • Electrical Machines Laboratory
  • Electric Circuits Laboratory
  • Power Electronics Laboratory
  • Control System Laboratory
  • Measurement and Instrumentation Laboratory
  • Power System Simulation Laboratory

Electrical Machines Laboratory (Area of the Lab = 285sq.m)

Facilitates the study of all electrical machines includingspecial machines.

Has the facility to calibrate different types of instruments


Major Equipments

DC machines with mechanical loading arrangement Coupled DC machines (shunt and compound) 2.2kW
Induction machines 1? and 3? with mechanical loading arrangement Special machines Schrage motor, 3f Induction generator
Synchronous machines coupled with DC machines Transformers 1?-2.5 kVA, 3?-3 kVA,Auto Transformers 3? 13 kVA

Electric Circuits Laboratory (Area of the Lab = 285sq.m)

Facilitates New Building wiring, design of lighting system

Circuit lab has Power supplies, CROs, Function generators, Decade R, L and C Boxes; Simulation packages

The equipment in this laboratory are useful in the maintenance of electrical system


Major Equipments

Watt Meters, Energy Meters, House wiring Trainer boards Volt meter & Ammeters,CROS
Signal Generators, Resistance loading, Function Generator  

Power Electronics Laboratory (Area of the Lab = 285sq.m)

Has the facility to study all power electronics apparatus and A.C. and D.C. drives

Has got 60 MHz & 150 MHz Digital storage oscilloscopes for analysis & research activities

Separate isolated A.C. supply for measuring instruments

Isolation and current probes for Power Electronics Circuits testing with CRO


Major Equipments

Converter, Inverter, Cycloconverter, SCR phase control unit, SCR converters
1f cyclo converter,3f AC regulator power circuit AC & DC Machines

Control Systems Laboratory (Area Of The Lab =220 sq.m)

This lab features the following: Stepper motor, Amplidynes, Tachogenerators, Transfer function analysers, Servo motors.


Major Equipments

AC / DC Servo Motors DC Position Servo System
Synchro Transmitter Receiver Pair Magnetic Amplifier
Trainer Modules Lag, Lead Networks P,PI,PID controller
Controller CROs
Storage Oscilloscopes  

Measurements & Instrumentation Laboratory (Area of the Lab =220 sq.m)

Facilitates study of control systems and its components along with all types of transducers.

Provides PC based study of Instrumentation and Control Systems using LabVIEW package.


Major Equipments

Operational Amplifier trainer kit Transducer Kit
PLC trainer kit A/D & D/A trainer kit
Bridges 3f motor generator set
3f & 1f auto transformer Torque cell-1 meter beam
Sine wave oscillator  

Power System Simulation Laboratory (Area of the Lab =220 sq.m)

This lab is equipped with P III 800 MHz systems to provide training in the field of simulation.

It is equipped with the software AU POWER LAB