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College Bus facilities are provided form various destination to ensure safe and comfortable journey and time management. Bus facilities to the college premises from Pudukkottai, Aranthangi, Karaikudi, Viralimalai, and Trichy and OFT are available. Students are asked to make use of the facility.Students are allowed to travel by college bus with the given bus pass and they have to renew the passes within the due date.

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Route Name: Trichy {SRIRANGAM (T-1 Bus)}
Devi Theatre Amma Mandapam Matha Kovil Anna Nagar Laksh. Theatre
Woraiyur Mission Hospitial   G.H Tvs Tolgate
Ponmaadi Malali        
Route Name: Trichy {CHATRAM (T-2 Bus)}
Chatram Thillai Nagar Puttur 4-Road Court
American.Hospital Central Bus stand Aristo Hotel P&T Colony Mannarpuram
TVS Tolgate Air-Port Check Post MIET  
Route Name: Trichy {REC (T-3 Bus) }
REC Anna Valaivu Plug Theatre Training Centre Ganesa
Tiruvarampur Malai koil Kavery Nagar Balaji Nagar Kailasa Nagar
Kattur Oil Mill Rice Mill SIT Milk Dairy
SenthaneerPuram G Corner Ponmalaipatti Jail Corner  
Route Name: Trichy Trichy {OFT (T-4 Bus)}
OFT Mattur Roundana Avur Road Anna University Kalamavur Gate
Keeranur Lakshmi Theatre Kulathur    
Route Name: Pudukkottai {PERANGULAM (P-1 Bus)}
Shanthi Theatre Makkal Mandram Perangulam Puliamaram Stop Palaniappa Mess
Post Office        
Route Name: Pudukkottai {MACHUVADI (P-2 Bus)}
Machuvadi Jeeva Nagar Neikottan Maram Palaniappa Theatre Thilagar Thidal
Milk Dairy Ramdoss Hospital Thirukkokarnam Balan Nagar Rangammal Chatram
Route Name: Pudukkottai {RAJAGOPALAPURAM (P-3 Bus)}
KKC Corner Saratha Motor Niam Company Railway Roundana Pulia Maram
Murugan Kovil Vairam School New Bus stand    
Route Name: Pudukkottai {MALAIYEEDU (P-4 Bus)}
Malayeedu Ram Theatre Barath Nagar TVS Corner Rose Land
Old Bus stand        
Route Name: {ARANTHANGI (A1- Bus) }
Wesley School Thandapani Mill Taluk Office Kattumadai Mukkam MGR Statue
Check Post Erichy Keelaiyur Kulavaipatti  
Alagappapuram Mettu patti Ashok Nagar Uchilankulam Anna Statue
Santhaipettai S.P.Mukkam      
Route Name: {KARAIKUDI (K1- Bus)}
New Bus Stand Periyar Statue Chekkalai Bakkery Water Tank Burma Colony
Sriram Nagar Pallattur Arangal    
Route Name: {KARAIKUDI (K-2 Bus)}
New Bus Stand Periyar Statue Chekkalai Bakkery Water Tank Burma Colony
Sriram Nagar Kottaiyur Vasanthamaligai Kottaiyur Bus stop


Pallathur Kanadukathan Thirumayam Arangai Attangudi
Route Name: {KARAIKUDI (K-3 Bus)}
New Bus Stand Periyar Statue PandianTheatre Water Tank Burma Colony
Sriram Nagar Visveshwara Hospital Pallathur Kanadukathan Thirumayam
Lena Vilakku Arangal Malaiyeedu    
Route Name: {ALANGUDI-KOVILUR (P.A-1 Bus)}
Vamban 4 Road Thiruvarankul Keppari Mettu patti  
Ashok Nagar Usilangulam Perankulam    
Lena Vilakku Arangal Malaieedu    
Route Name: {VIRALIMALAI (V-1 Bus)}
Viralimalai Malaikudipatti Iluppur Annavasal  

Rules & Regulation

  1. I will carry my bus pass whenever I travel in my college bus. I know,I will not be permitted to travel without bus pass.
  2. I will show the bus pass and my ID Card for Checking whenever asked by any staff member including drivers.
  3. I will not sit on other's seat. I will sit on my allotted seat only.
  4. I will not use other college buses. I will use the allotted bus only.
  5. I will not argue or quarrel with any of our staff members including drivers and students
  6. I will not use cell phone or any music players
  7. I will not sing or make any kind of noise in the bus. I will not cause any indiscipline problem in any form.
  8. I will give due respect to the staff members including drivers of our institution in the bus always.
  9. I will not take any unpaid passenger or friend with me in the bus.
  10. I will conduct myself with strict self discipline.
  11. I will not carry or use tobacco products, alcohol or any objectionable drugs nor travel in a drunken state in the bus.
  12. I will come to my correct bus stop on time and board the bus. I will de-board the bus in the same stop only. I will not change my bus stop in any time
  13. I did not involve in any misbehavior activity before.
  14. I will get all the problems if any settled with the coordinator through discussions and not through any argument or unacceptable behavior.
  15. I will not involve in any kind of ragging activity. I know that the ragging is an unbailable offence.
  16. I will not involve in any misbehavior by forming or becoming part of a gang
  17. I will not celebrate or initiate any kind of celebration activities like bus day, birthday etc
  18. I will not bring or carry any material with the object of any celebration.
  19. I know that, the fare paid will not be refunded to me with the cancellation of bus pass if I commit any misconduct or misbehavior in the bus or in the institution.
  20. I will not involve in any kind of above misbehavior. If the institution finds me guilty of any offence, then I will accept all kind of punishment including the issue of transfer certificate to me and I will give all the cooperation in this regard.

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